Frank Klepacki’s own top-10

1196 In English // 04.12.2016

Frank Klepacki is well known for his music for Command & Conquer / Red Alert series. Аlso he is the author for most of Westwood Studios and Petroglyph Games.  We already discussed his favorite composers. In this article Frank talks about his own favorite tracks.

Hell March (C&C Red Alert)

This classic for many gamers still rocks for me. It’s one of those songs that came so easily to me.

Rebellion Advantage (Star Wars: Empire At War)

A dream come true to work on official Star Wars title, so I did my best John Williams impression. This song I felt was the strongest I had done for the game in terms of composition.

Prepare For Battle (C&C)

I enjoyed the progression of this track, it’s a good example of how contrast of the instruments and movements create interest.

Medieval Forest (Conquering 20 Years)

As much as I love rock and synth, I love classical medieval style music, 17th century Genoan style in particular is always an influence for me.

Liberation Conquest (End of Nations)

Even though this game never got released, this is one of the themes I’m most proud of. The orchestral arrangement and operatic soloist that perform on it are stellar and it gave me chills to hear it performed live in our recording sessions.

Divine Intervention (Universe At War)

An orchestral choral epic style song with a good beat behind it. I really enjoyed having the male and female choirs singing counter melodies in the bridge.

Foreign Dialect (Conquering 20 Years)

This was about as close a tribute to Vince Dicola as I could get, so I was pretty proud of it, and even got to play it for him.

Got a Present For Ya (C&C Renegade)

Always enjoyed how heavy this track is, was like combining the best elements of a spy theme with a hard driving sound.

War Is Evolving (Grey Goo)

I combined the main theme and all the faction themes into one suite for Grey Goo for the credits, and it ended up being my favorite as I felt it encompassed the personality of the whole game beautifully.

Hell March 3 (C&C Red Alert 3)

When I got to play this live with the Metropole orchestra in Netherlands, it was a great feeling and solidified it as one of my favorite versions.