Most impressive Marines in Warhammer 40000: Deathwatch

2442 In English // 06.01.2017

Warhammer universe has acquired legions of fans eons ago when computers occupied entire rooms and telephones was used exclusively to call someone. Praise the progress, these Neanderthal times are over. With the help of modern smartphones, we can talk to someone from other side of the planet, but also to destroy the endless packs of xenos, commanding a detachment of Marines in the tactical game called Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch by Rodeo Games.

Deathwatch portrayed in this game is select team consisting of best fighters from various Space Marines chapters operating on especially dangerous assignments. The guys looks so badass, you can’t resist but to admire them. With such thoughts on my mind, I’ve asked Art Director of Rodeo Games Ben Murch to name his most favorite Space Marines. Here is his list.

Onto the marines. From 10 to 1!

10. Master Of Relics

He is quite literally the master of all the relics! I mean, when you need a specialist on the field who’s going to take the enemy apart with heavy weapons. Who could be better!!

9. Space Wolf Assault Champion

The SW Assault Champion was one of the first models we completed. He’s the poster boy for our announcement trailer, so for that he’ll always have a special place in my heart! Also, that plume on his helmet is awesome!

8. Ultramarine Sternguard

Another early model we completed, however this one was quite special. It was the part of the project where we realised just how unique all these marines could look, whilst still very obviously belonging to the Deathwatch. The white «corvus» helmet is a particularly nice touch!

7. Blood Angel Devastator

Personally my favourite of the basic models. There’s a really good chance you get one of these guys early in the game, and as soon as you do, the gameplay dynamic totally changes. Having that range and area of support is a great tactic to play around with. Also, if you can find a plasma cannon to give him…..awesome!

6. Sanguinary Guard

Just mad! He looks bonkers. What happens when you take an angel dipped in gold and send him to the Deathwatch? This guy! We also crafted him a special sword that gives him extra powers, so if you find the two of them in the game, definitely hook up that combo!!

5. Long Fang Ancient


4. Ultramarine Honour Guard

I love the Honour Guard, because you really get a sense of their character whilst you play. Our character Artist did this fantastic job on the marine where you really feel like he has a history. Every part of the model, from the purity seals right down to his guilded shins feels like he’s earned the honour of wearing it.

3. The Apothecaries

Another gameplay changing mechanic is the ability to heal your warriors. Once you get an Apothecary, you make the choice to play in a very different way. I find they slow the pace down and make you think more about your actions. Pro tip: Two Apothecaries with Three Devastators makes for a really fun team!

2. The Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf is ace. I love that he doesn’t really play with the other Space Marines. He’s there on the mission, sure. However, you always feel like he’s got his own agenda, and somehow his plans will always be better than yours!!

1. Tyrannic War Veteran:

My favourite model in the game. Especially that leg. I mean, this guy has been through the meat grinder…..and then back again! He wears armour that’s cracked and beaten up, and he could repair it, but he doesn’t. He wears his scars like medals and honours. You get this marine on your team, and you’ll be unstoppable!